Real Life Towing Stories

While many of our stories will include graphic images, we do not publish stories that we know are fatalities out of respect for the deceased and their families. We do not allow photographing of vehicles brought in with fatalities by local news agencies without express direction from a family. We have, however, had local news agencies sneak into the yard, uncover vehicles and take pictures of them. We do not identify the owners of vehicles and will delete or cut out identifying parts of images such as license plates, etc.

Our stories are for reading and viewing of interested parties. We do accept stories from those interested in submitting them. Read rules BEFORE viewing.

WARNING: Some of these pictures and/or stories may be graphic. Sensitive viewers should not view images. View and read entirely at your own risk. By continuing to read our stories and view related images, you are holding Totman Enterprises entirely free of liability for any adverse reaction you may have or believe to have as a result of reading our stories or viewing our images and agree that you assume all risk for doing so.


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