Snow tires help prevent accidents!

Got Your Snow Tires On?


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Get prepared for winter! It’s coming!

It is time to put those snow tires on. Before you know it (don’t blink!) you will wake up to a light blanket of snow and hopefully won’t say, “Oh geez! I forgot to get those tires changed!” and have to slip slide to work or worse, slide off the road.

About 50% of the accidents that we get in the winter are because people don’t outfit their cars properly. Check your tires – make sure they have good tread and have the correct amount of air in them. Remember that the air in your tires contracts and expands depending on the temperature. In cold weather you may need to add a little more air to make sure you have the recommended tire pressure because in the cold the air contracts.

It is imperative that you outfit your car for the winter. Of course, we will come and help you if you slip off the road, but we’d rather we don’t have to!

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