Is Your Towing Company Insured?

Did you know….

That there are many people out there with tow trucks towing YOUR CAR that are not insured to do so? How can you tell the difference? Here are a couple of ways:

* Make sure the trucks are registered commercially. That means that their license plate will have the entire word “Commercial” printed on them and that they are not a wrecker plate (i.e., 999 W), in which case the truck is not authorized to tow commercially, but is only covered for towing their own business vehicles.

Note that just because they say “Commercial” does NOT mean they are fully covered. ALSO ASK FOR:

* Ask them to provide evidence of their “On Hook” insurance coverage. In order to obtain on hook coverage for vehicles being towed for hire, you must register the vehicle and pay additional insurance costs. This is why a lot of companies try to avoid the extra insurance. It is expensive but it is a necessary cost of doing business legally and safely. The difference is that YOUR CAR IS NOT COVERED while it is being towed if there is any type of accident or incident. If your car should be damaged in transit or dropped off the truck by accident the damages are NOT COVERED and you will take the loss.

Contact us anytime (342-4346) if you want us to tow for you and we’ll provide you with evidence of our full on-hook insurance coverage and commercial status.

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