Maine Slow Down Move Over Law

Maine’s Move Over Law

Maine Slow Down Move Over Law

Maine Slow Down Move Over Law

Most Maine people appear to be unaware that there is a law (Title 29-A §2054) in Maine that requires drivers to move over to a non-adjacent lane or if not possible, to use prudent speed to pass safely, emergency vehicles INCLUDING wreckers working on the side of the road to load or extricate vehicles from various undesirable positions along roadsides here in Maine.

We have had many unpleasant experiences dealing with drivers who either don’t know there is such a law or could care less about the safety of those people working on the side of the road. We have made every attempt to ensure that our drivers and vehicles are visible in any kind of weather. Our uniforms are in compliance with State and Federal law requiring ANSI Class 3 level for emergency personnel working on the roadside, we have reflective lettering on our trucks and emergency lights and beacons on our trucks. These measures are for both your protection and ours.

One of those situations resulted in our wrecker being hit due to poor road conditions and imprudent speed. Fortunately the driver was able to jump out of the way on that occasion.

On another occasion, one of our drivers had his foot run over and was nearly crushed into the truck by an angry driver who wanted the truck out of his way NOW and was not even summonsed for this behavior and injury to our driver.

It is simply common courtesy to slow down when you see an emergency vehicle out there. Please slow down, pay attention and use caution. Here is a site with plenty of examples of tragic deaths of wrecker drivers (and sometimes their customers as well) who were not as fortunate as ours when other drivers just don’t care about being careful.

Please, when you see emergency vehicles on the roadside, be cautious and remember that these men and women have families and someday the person they are helping just might be you or someone you love.

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