Just another one o' those doggone days!

Just another one of those doggone days…”

Real Life Towing Stories
“Just another one of those doggone days… ”

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{boncko}/hearse/{/boncko}We got a call from a customer who was just in a snowbank and needed to be pulled back onto the road, so we hopped in the truck and headed to the scene.

A State Trooper arrived just as we arrived. They happened across the scene, so stopped to help with traffic. Upon pulling up on the scene, to our surprise, the vehicle well into the ditch was a hearse. It had plowed through the snowbank, not gone over it, so was good and stuck. (There was nobody in the back.)

We hooked on and started winching, weren’t sure if we were going to be able to pull it out with the truck we had (our big truck was in the shop due to an accident in which we were rear ended – story to follow), but decided to give it a go anyway. We had to use the hydraulics of the truck instead of the winch as the weight of the car was just too much on the winch.

After about 20 minutes and adjusting the truck we got the car out, which had relatively minor damage amazingly. A piece of chrome and some plastics were broken, all cosmetic. The snow was so packed into the wheel wells that the wheel would only turn to the right. Once we dug the snow out from around the wheel wells, it was drive-able again.

The customer followed us back to the shop to pay the bill, then explained what happened. His lapdog had climbed into his lap – all 150 POUNDS OF HIM – and pinned him against the door of the car, he lost control of the car, which then flew into the ditch. (The dog, a bull mastiff named Guido, was not injured.) You can see his neck and collar in some of the pictures, but unfortunately none of the pictures of Guido’s face came out.

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